Our Mission
Provide regional leadership, resources, consultation, training and educational materials to protect, conserve, and enhance the natural resources of the Upper Etowah River Basin for present and future generations.

Our Vision
To inform and educate citizenry committed to working together to working together to conserve, sustain and enhance the beauty and environmental health of the Upper Etowah River Watershed.

Watershed Director
Rebekah Shelnutt – Contact the Director at Rebekah@etowahriver.org

Alliance Board
Lori Forrester – Eva Gumbert – Jane Graves – Nolton Johnson – Robert Morrison – Ken Owen – Richard Osborne – Linda Teachey – Laine Wood – John Clark – Sally Winchester – Lori Downs – Bob Kendall – Nedal Shawkat- Ken Fahey

Executive Committee
Chair: Jane Graves
Vice-Chair: Nedal Shawkat
Secretary: Lori Forrester
Treasurer: John Clark

UERA Office Locations
Central Office
Mail: UERA P.O. Box 307
Canton, GA 30169

Cherokee Central Office
180 McClure St.
Canton, GA

Dawson Satellite Office
Dawson County Agricultural Services Center
298 Academy Ave.
Dawsonville, GA

Pickens Satellite Office
Keep Pickens Beautiful Office
Jasper, GA